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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Zunch China, Inc. Leads SEO in China

Zunch China, Inc.,, a leading search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) services provider, continues to expand its presence in China and has recently added eighteen new Mainland China clients from a range of businesses including real estate, career search, B2B foreign trade, and manufacturers.

Additionally, Shanghai Yueming Technology Ltd., a Shanghai-based Web development company has agreed to join forces with Zunch China to provide quality service to American and Chinese clients with Zunch standards.

Author and search engine marketing expert Terrence Ou, President and COO of Zunch China, stated, "Through our earlier efforts in China, we've established that we are a company that can get results for Chinese companies marketing services to other countries. As a result, we are entering into agreements with an increasing number of businesses based in China.

"With the Olympics coming to China in 2008, many Chinese businesses want to establish a presence on the Web that will allow them to market their services to English-speaking visitors and countries. Zunch China is the perfect vehicle for them to do so. We've built Zunch China to offer our Chinese clients a distinct advantage in reaching the global marketplace, and our clients are seeing positive results."

Added John G. Sanchez, CEO of Zunch China, "We're spent several years establishing a presence in China. It's important to the Chinese business community to know that we are a company that wants to be a part of China's eCommerce development and that we will be establishing our Chinese headquarters in Beijing in the near future. We want to make sure that when a business in China retains us, they know they are partnering with a company that can deliver on its promises."

About Zunch China, Inc.Zunch China, Inc. is a search-centric, technology driven full-service Web presence management company that helps China-based businesses realize their online potential by employing proven and ethical online solutions and techniques that deliver the highest ROI. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Zunch China provides integrated interactive solutions that include search engine optimization, paid search marketing, mobile search marketing, website design, viral marketing and development and website analytics. Zunch China also specializes in click fraud detection, localization and globalization services, blog marketing and interactive public relations. For more information, please visit or

Friday, January 27, 2006

Welcome to New Zunch Blogs!

Our official blogging sites are up!
From now on, you can visit for English and for Chinese.
Happy New Year of Dog!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Zunch Vision

It's good to be home!

Wonder where I am now? I've been back to Dallas for half month and I brought back what my boss and my colleagues like. Having been away from my buddy Zunchers at Zunch's headquarters in Dallas, I'm kinda missing them much. Now, everyone has got a blessing of good fortune from my little gift from Beijing's famous Silk Street. Walking in Beijing's famous Silk Street where is flooded with world-brand merchandises, you do feel you are a millionaire because you find all of them are dirty cheap! You are temptated to bargin, even on a low low price already for great brands. The Silk Street is a five-floor department-store-like shopping mall where Beijing residents and foreign visitors enjoy shopping for famous brand clothes, bags, jewlery and watches at a fraction of real market prices in the U.S. Walking inside the Mall, you'll see smiling faces around, from foreign travlers, residents and even diplomats!

No matter how Chinese can copy and paste foreign products, there are two things that are difficult to copy or simulate. First, a Meredez or a Boeing. Second, Zunch! Zunch's SEO technology and services are what many Chinese business and solution partners dream of. There is hardly any way to copy Zunch's quality and capacity unless you can clone every Zuncher's brain including mine :). Moreover, you can't clone Zunch's vision. Just like many U.S. companies and even NBA, Zunch is going global. This is our vision and this makes us stay on the top of not just search engines, but globalization of world economy. China is offering such a great opportunity for us!

Believe or not, I did go to Google's office and eBay's China headquarters in downtown Shanghai. There are very good reasons for Google and eBay to fight for markets against their competitors in China. If you are amazed by high-speed Internet access in most hotels in China and Internet cafes at each street corner, you'll see why U.S. search firms and eCommerce providers consider China market as their "Second Battlefield" to win the search marketing war -- a place to let them Win or Go Home! Let alone Chinese local SEM and eBusiness firms are striving for development domestically and worldwide. Listen to what Ma Yun, the head of Alibaba said, "We (Yahoo) will challenge Google. We'll be the best search engine, and we'll be the winner!"

OK, let's bless Ma! Give him a big hand! Please also give us a big hand, too -- our team leader John Sanchez with his fellow SEO crusaders are changing the world of search marketing. Who else can? I am not seeing anyone else yet.

Well, I am working around the clock now to make our dreams come true. Keep your fingers crossed and have a very happy New Year!

Visit to see highlights of Zunch's punch in China market. Get ready to view my cool pictures!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Busy in Beijing

Last week, I finally met with my grandparents, parents, sister, niece, uncles and aunts in Nanjing, the city to host the next SES in March 2006. I haven't seen them since 1998.

I paid a visit to the Conference Site at Nanjing International Exhibition Center. I am glad SES picked my hometown to be their debut location in China. Our Chairman & CEO John Sanchez has been invited and listed to be a member of the Advisory Board of this SES, see: More news on that will be available soon.

I’m in Beijing now for a bit where I’ve been meeting with our new client, one of the top 20 law firms in China. We’ll be developing their Chinese website and conducting an SEO campaign for them in the near future. We’ve got quite a few new clients for SEO, our content management system, development and more- I’m very excited to see how well Zunch is being received in China and all of the places we are going! The Beijing visit is brief, but extremely fruitful.

Earlier in Shanghai, ComputerWorld interviewed me about my experience in SEO and Zunch's expansion in China. The article titled "China Yao in Search Engine Optimization Industry" is available at (sorry, in Chinese only).

Next week I’ll be heading back to Shanghai to meet with a few folks to discuss our Click Fraud Detective tool. Click fraud is a serious issue in China. More exciting news is sure to come next week when I return to Shanghai.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This is Hard Work...

Just a quick update from Shanghai... I'm still here wheeling and dealing for Zunch. So far I have several strong leads for SEO and development work.

I'll be here for another few weeks on business, but don't worry- as you can see in the picture above I'm still finding time for fun!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

AD:TECH closed with Zunch's triumph

Hi folks,

AD:TECH ended today, but Zunch China has driven onto the Chinese information superhighway.

With all kinds of applause, respect and glory, AD:TECH marks Zunch's being recognized as the technology guru in China. Chinese major Internet players are desperate to team with Zunch to offer search marketing solutions in this huge market. Certainly, individual clients are also seeking SEO solutions for their web marketing.

American Consulate General also visited our booth today to offer information assistance.

There are a lot of contacts and visits to follow, and I'll keep you guys posted as frequently as I can.

Thanks John for creating a great company that Chinese people love. Thanks every Zuncher's hard work to make Zunch famous worldwide.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Day Two

Today has been exciting and exhausting! I can’t remember how many hours I’ve talked today. I am getting a sore throat.

Some companies have expressed interest in our Click Fraud Detective - they seem excited about it and were asking lots of questions.

My workshop (see picture above) on Chinese search engine optimization was used to offer Q&A for an audience of about thirty. I was able to discuss strategies for and the concepts behind optimization. It was a definite success!

Quite a few visitors are from Europe and India including SEO firms and more. Everyone here is very excited about where interactive marketing is headed in Asia and many are very interested in Zunch!

It is 1 a.m. now and I’ll have to rest for tomorrow.

I’ll bring you more exciting news tomorrow, hopefully.